CCTV is cheaper, more effective and easier to run on your property than ever before. CCTV confers a multitude of benefits which can effectively secure properties against all forms of crime, complimenting other home security systems and providing a means to monitor areas remotely at the touch of a button.

Setting up CCTV with Turner Security is easy; we stock the very best and latest in CCTV tech and even provide a  free consultation to discuss options with you.

Here’s why you should consider CCTV for your home:

1. CCTV Deters Criminals

One of the most common and easily recognised benefits of CCTV is its deterrent effects. CCTV has been cited in numerous studies which conclude its effectiveness in preventing many crimes from happening in the first place.

CCTV cameras’ visually imposing form is an obvious deterrent for criminals, trespassers and other potential intruders. CCTV cameras have been shown to reduce crime rates when present in private properties, commercial properties and public spaces. Whilst alarm systems are obviously a necessity in the event of a break-in, it is always preferable to deter criminals and prevent break-in in the first place!

An Office for National Statistics report on burglary in 2017 showed how the most frequent access points to houses during burglary and crime were the front and back doors and glass windows with a whopping 70% of burglaries accessing the home via the front door itself. Pointing just one CCTV camera towards the front door is a simple and effective deterrent.

2. Identify Intruders and Trespassers

In the event of crime or disturbance, CCTV cameras are incredibly important for identifying criminals. CCTV footage was initially blighted by poor picture quality which meant images weren’t particularly useful for identifying assailants but now, with the IP technology used by Turner Security Group, CCTV can effectively assist both you and law enforcement in identifying and pursuing criminals, HD CCTV images are used in criminal cases every day.

IP technology doesn’t just ensure high-definition low-light picture quality, it also connects CCTV cameras to our central monitoring centre using ultra-fast fibre optic technology so we can monitor cameras in the event of an alert on the system.

3. Monitor Your Property Remotely

CCTV allows you to monitor the exterior and interior of your home remotely. This is perfect for providing peace-of-mind when you’re travelling or otherwise away from home.

Not only can you monitor for trespass and burglary, but you can also survey who has knocked on your door when you’re not in, or identify where a missing parcel might have been placed or whether it could have even been stolen. Also, CCTV cameras don’t just catch burglars, they catch those causing criminal damage and other forms of street crime.

CCTV isn’t just useful for crime-related reasons, it’s great for checking whether your puppy is destroying the sofa or for making sure it really is the cat knocking things over in the night! Advanced CCTV systems are also viewable from smartphones or other portable devices, perfect for checking to make sure your property isn’t being used to host forbidden house parties by children whilst you’re away!

4. Reduce Insurance Premiums

More secure homes are cheaper to insure, especially when they are larger, more expensive or contain expensive contents. Some homes are more vulnerable than others, for example in rural or isolated areas or high-crime urban areas. In these areas, CCTV cameras can pay dividends in the long-term and are often highly recommended. Where older CCTV systems are present but not in perfect working order, it is often best to reinstall a newer system.

CCTV pays for itself in the long run. If you’re unlucky enough to experience multiple break-ins then your insurer could even request you get a CCTV system to protect your home. Being one step ahead can keep insurance low whilst preventing break-ins.

5. Cost-effective and Low Maintenance

CCTV cameras have come down considerably in price and are now an affordable security option for many home-owners. Even high-definition CCTV cameras can be run very affordably, after all, even one camera facing the door area can be an effective deterrent.

Once installed, CCTV cameras need little maintenance. Turner Security Group will monitor the operating effectiveness of CCTV to make sure they’re always online and we can provide regular check-ups to clean components, e.g. lenses, and generally check the operating health of your CCTV network.

More advanced CCTV camera networks are still more affordable than you think – Turner Security Group provides free consultations and advice to help you choose a CCTV network to best suit your home.

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CCTV is more accessible than ever and more homeowners are turning to CCTV to cut their insurance whilst providing comprehensive security and peace-of-mind.

Turner Security Group has over 20 years of technical expertise in installing CCTV networks in both private homes and larger commercial properties ranging from schools to offices and factories. Our trained security professionals can provide expert advice on the best CCTV system for your home.

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