At the Turner Security Group we have a wealth of experience working on security solutions for healthcare providers and medical facilities of varying sizes. Since 1993 we have proudly worked alongside a large NHS Trust located inside the M25, in the south east of England.

As part of our services we support them with all of their security needs to provide a total solution that meets all of their requirements, including ongoing maintenance to ensure the systems continue to work as intended.

The challenge

Being a large NHS Trust, they have several satellite buildings across the local area that they’re based in, which they need to keep secure and monitored.

Unfortunately, one such satellite site was experiencing problems that needed urgent attention. Ambulances parked at the site overnight were being targeted and vandalised, causing safety and financial issues.

The solution

Using Hikvision technology, we were able to propose a CCTV solution to further protect the site around the ambulance parking. Not only does CCTV help to catch criminals when they are in the act, but they also act as a major deterrent and can stop people causing damage.

As the ambulances were generally parked in a uniform fashion, we were able to install strategically placed HD CCTV cameras that were able to capture all of the ambulances. We then combined this with virtual line-crossing technology so that we were able to set a schedule to generate an alert to any movement in the area outside of prescribed hours.

The CCTV system was then integrated with a new TOA Public Address System with loudspeakers located in close proximity to the new camera positions. This was then networked back to the main NHS Trust security control room for the guards to monitor.

If an alert was generated, the security team would be able to see the situation on the CCTV cameras and respond over the public address system to inform intruders that they were being watched and recorded on CCTV and if needed, dispatch the security team to attend.

The result

Following installation of the CCTV, virtual line-crossing technology and TOA public address system, the vandalism problem promptly ceased. The system will now act as a deterrent against future vandalism and better ensure the security of the ambulances parked at the satellite site.

We continue to work with the NHS Trust and are on hand to provide ongoing maintenance, upgrades and emergency callouts as required.

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