As manufacturing plants are often located in industrial estates with fewer passers-by or local residents to hear or view anything suspicious, they can often be targeted by thieves. Often they’ll be motivated by the expensive machinery and tools contained within the premises.

As well as being less populated than other residential or commercial buildings, manufacturing plants also tend to have more exterior weaknesses available for attempted break-ins. Whether it is via single glazed windows, or weak doors or shutters, many manufacturing plants can be at a greater risk.

It is therefore vital that you ensure your manufacturing plant is adequately protected with high quality, tailored and intelligent security systems. If you would like your current security reviewed, please contact our team to discuss your options and to get a free consultation.

How is a break-in damaging to your manufacturing plant?

Manufacturing plants are targeted by thieves because they hold extremely expensive equipment that can be sold on relatively easily, either for parts or for the machinery itself. From the point of view of the manufacturing site however, the expense of losing the equipment is just one part of the overall consequences that such a break in can bring.

A break-in at a manufacturing plant can be damaging in the following ways:

  • Loss of machinery and equipment
  • Disruption to work
  • Potential damage to remaining machinery and equipment
  • Possibility of tampering
  • Damage to exterior doors and windows (or at point of break in)

While manufacturing plants stand to lose thousands of pounds, if not tens of thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment, the damage done by a theft or break in goes beyond this to the loss of work inflicted by not having the equipment available to work with in the short term after the robbery. Depending on the type of tool or machinery it may not be so easy to replace either.

Which security is right for you manufacturing plant?

CCTV Cameras

Manufacturing plants are often very large in scale and also tend to be situated on industrial estates, in which day to day traffic of people tends to be at a minimum – especially late at night. Many thieves will target manufacturing plants believing them to be easier targets than residential houses or commercial shops and offices. By installing high quality and intelligent CCTV cameras on your manufacturing plant, you can both deter would be criminals, and capture in full HD, anyone attempting to access your premises illegally.

At Turner Security we provide the highest quality CCTV cameras taking advantage of the very latest in technology. With a variety of different functions there will be no need to worry about limited visibility on your site (many manufacturing plants have hidden corners out of plain sight). You can also rest assured that you can check-in on your manufacturing plant while you’re not there with digital access via your mobile phone or any other device connected to the internet.

Intruder Alarm Systems

While there may be more scope for criminals to gain access to manufacturing sites than typically more populated areas, by installing high quality intruder alarm systems you can alert the authorities of an illegal break-in at your manufacturing plant within seconds of the break-in occurring. Sounding at 109db (decibels) and fully equipped with a blue strobe our high quality intruder alarms are a highly effective means of ensuring that a break in does not go unnoticed, and of stopping thieves in their tracks.

Access Control Systems

Health and safety on your manufacturing plant is of utmost importance. It is vital that only permitted staff members and visitors should be allowed to walk around a site at any given time. Tampering with or theft of machinery and tools is not only costly to your manufacturing plant, it also comes with its own dangers to your staff. By installing Access Control Systems you can ensure that only permitted visitors and authorised staff have access to particular areas of your site.

Available as either IP wireless or battery operated at Turner Security we provide intelligent access control systems enabling you access via either a card or fingerprint control.

Why Turner Security Group?

At Turner Security, we understand the difficulties manufacturing plants have when it comes to protecting their premises, and we have the experience and the innovative technology to ensure that your manufacturing plant is fully protected at all times. We know the complexities that come with ensuring your manufacturing site is safe from theft and from fires, and we know the most effective means and solutions to help combat these risks.

With 25 years worth of experience in providing tailored security solutions for manufacturing sites like yours, you can trust Turner Security to provide only the highest quality and safest possible security options.

To find out more about how we can help you better secure your manufacturing plant get in touch today either via our contact form, or by calling us on 0808 5344 999.