Today, airports pose hefty security challenges and therefore have to meet high demands when it comes to their security systems, providing safety, security, simple communications and building automation.

At Turner Security Group, we have the facilities and expertise needed to help master these security challenges. We are committed to quality and promise to only ever provide effective and advanced security systems, ensuring maximum protection for airports.

We have been keeping airports, their passengers and employees protected since 1993.

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Airport security challenges

Airports face many challenges, including:

  • Ensuring protection of passengers and employees
  • Preventing terrorism, including bomb threats, suicide attacks, sabotage and aircraft hijacking
  • Dealing with fire and explosions
  • Managing a wide variety of different access levels

Being responsible for these challenges is a large task as airports have such huge premises, including the following areas, all of which need to be monitored: perimeters, parking, terminals, facilities, airfields, departure lounge, arrival lounge etc.

Access Control Systems

We provide bespoke IP-based access control systems for airports which are designed with the intention to restrict specific areas, such as airfields and aprons. No matter your strict security requirements, we are able to design and install the required solutions that meets your demands.

When integrated with Turner Security Group’s CCTV systems, you will be able to capture and record all who access each area of the airport. Any violations will cause an intruder alarm to be automatically triggered so that rapid action can be taken to tackle the situation.

  • Bespoke highly-secure systems
  • Restrict specific areas such as airfields
  • Capture & record access activity
  • Trigger alarms for immediate action

Intruder Alarm Systems

  • Reduce the risk of criminal activity
  • Secure restricted areas
  • Trigger alarms for immediate action

Reduce the risk of burglaries in airports and avoid valuables, equipment, cargo and personal items being stolen from areas of restricted access, such as duty free shops, luggage conveying systems and cargo handling facilities.

At Turner Security Group, we are well equipped to expertly manage and reduce these risks. Our intrusion alarm systems for airports are able to monitor all doors, vehicle entrances, and areas of restricted access.

If a detector notes a violation, the alarm will be triggered, allowing the situation to be handled as rapidly as possible. Our intruder alarms can be integrated with high-tech CCTV cameras to verify the breach and activate an appropriate response, as well as support any criminal investigation work.


  • Provide a secure environment
  • Monitor footfall & traffic
  • Monitor wait-times
  • Improve overall efficiency

We are proud to be leading the industry with our intelligent, high-quality CCTV systems that go beyond regular security usage and deliver clear business benefits.

Not only will our CCTV systems provide a safe and secure environment for airport workers and passengers, but they will also enable smarter business decisions, whilst reducing costs, increasing efficiency and boosting sales.

By utilising the data captured in video footage, airports will be able to identify threats and observe any problem areas in terms of traffic control and staffing.

What are the benefits of the Turner Security Group’s airport security systems?

Combat terrorism – Unfortunately, airports are faced with the threat of terrorism. It is vital that airports employ highly strict security measures to provide a safe environment. Our security systems play a key role in protecting against acts of terrorism.

We provide only the highest-quality systems that offer invaluable tools in maintaining high levels of security.

Provide real-time surveillance – Via IP surveillance, we are able to enable digital surveillance streams to travel to multiple airport departments such as police, customs, fire and baggage all of which can monitor the video feeds.

Digital storage – Our systems allow for data to be recorded and stored digitally which can easily be archived.

Remote access – Our airport security systems can be remotely managed from any computer with network access. This allows authorised users to monitor airport activities from off-site locations.

Why airports should choose Turner Security Group

As an experienced airport security systems provider based in West Sussex, at Turner Security Group we are proud to have provided secure environments for a number of airports. Over the past 20+ years we have built an exceptional reputation, being known for our impeccable, high-quality and reliable service.

For additional peace of mind, our clients are able to benefit from airport security systems that are fully accredited. We offer a free consultation which will review your airports’ specific needs and requirements.

Established in 1993, at Turner Security Group we are accredited and fully compliant.

How can we help you?

We offer bespoke solutions that fully protect airport environments, whilst also ensuring ease of access for those permitted to enter restricted areas. We can create tailored airport security systems for every situation.

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