At the Turner Security Group we were approached by a local cattle farm based in Surrey, the south of England, that has now been a customer of ours since 2019.

The owners wanted to make changes on their site to install an effective CCTV system. The aim was to ensure the safety and security of their cattle, especially during calving season, when they are at their most vulnerable.

By installing a system, they would gain a better peace of mind for their livestock and livelihood, and be able to check 24/7 removing any doubt.

The challenge

As a local cattle farm, the owners were concerned for the cattles’ welfare, particularly when calving. This was due to a couple of factors that could impact on safety:

  • the farmhouse is located a considerable distance from the cattle sheds, so manual checks take time and activity that could indicate distress, such as noise, may not be heard
  • historical problems with diesel theft where intruders could cause upset to the cattle

The owners required a secure solution to monitor activity at the cattle sheds from home. However, being remote in the countryside and with limited power and no broadband connection available meant we had to find a suitable solution for their conditions.

The solution

After consultation on the requirements of the installation, we proposed to fit a HD CCTV camera solution complete with fully functional PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) cameras to cover the perimeter and inside the sheds.

The HD solution allows the owners to get a clear view of their cattle 24/7 and the pan, tilt and zoom means they are able to look around the space from the comfort of their home. Using this state of the art security technology we were able to offer a near total view on the cattle inside and outside of the sheds.

During the process we had to respond to the challenge of the site having no available broadband connection. As we developed a solution, we were able to install a 4G broadband network solution in order to provide remote access to the cameras. A huge benefit of this was that the owners are now able to view and move the cameras via their smart device from the comfort of their own home.

In turn, this allowed the owners to monitor the security of their site at all times and ensure the welfare of their cattle.

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