At the Turner Security Group, we were approached by St Peter’s Church, Brighton in 2019. They required a solution to control the access to their car park, which is free for members and not permitted for use by other motorists.

Due to their central location, they were experiencing issues with non-members using the car park for free parking. A simple and effective solution to control the use of the car park within their available budget was required, one that would suit both the staff and volunteers at the church as well as attendees.

About St Peter’s Church, Brighton

St Peter’s Church is an Anglican church situated in the heart of Brighton City Centre, and is one of the most iconic buildings in Brighton. It is a hub in the local community and hosts regular services and events, including kids and youth activities.

The challenge

As a large a church with a limited sized car park based in the city centre of Brighton, St Peter’s Church were having regular issues with opportunistic motorists using the church for free parking whilst in the area.

They approached us as they needed a manageable solution to control access to the car park that allowed their members to attend freely and other motorists no access to the car park at all.

By installing an access control system, it would mean a better experience for their members to ensure parking was readily available during events and services.

The solution

Following consultation with the church management, we proposed to fit:

  • A CAME Guard8 rising arm barrier with a 7-metre arm
  • A keypad with an easy-to-change PIN number to gain entry
  • Vehicle presence loop for free exit from the car park

All of these measures would prevent any unauthorised motorists from gaining access to the church car park, whilst being easy to manage for church members. It was important that the PIN could be changed so that any misuse could be prevented over time.

The result

Following successful installation of the barrier, a further issue materialised where the new barrier was being subjected to vandalism, with the vandals attempting to lift and bend the new barrier arm to gain access.

To remedy this, with the help of our local metal fabricator, we manufactured a bespoke rest post for the arm complete with a stainless steel magnetic lock with 500kg of holding force, preventing anybody from being able to lift the arm out of its rest position and causing further damage.

Since installation of the bespoke rest post, the barrier has operated fault free and the church car park is secure.

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