Medical and healthcare environments can be extremely challenging when it comes to security. Most facilities are large, highly complex sites where emotional distress runs high, leading to unfortunate irrational behaviour. Certain acts may threaten the safety of patients, staff and visitors.

It is vital that a suitable security system, designed after a thorough evaluation, is installed. At Turner Security Group, we use our experience and expertise to conduct comprehensive risk assessments for medical facilities and other healthcare environments.

No matter whether it’s a private hospital, an NHS facility or care home, we provide a free initial consultation, design, installation and maintenance service to ensure that the security system provides is technically advanced, operation efficiently and meets with your unique deadline and budget.

Turner Security Group provides solutions to create a safe environment, designed to protect patients, staff & visitors from harm. We are entirely dedicated to quality and promise to provide only the most effective and advanced security systems that ensure maximum protection of medical facilities.

Security systems for hospitals, GP surgeries and more

Designing a system that covers all elements identified by a risk assessment typically involves the integration of a number of security systems. We are able to work with you to implement the perfect combination of risk analysis and industry-leading technology, maximising your security at all times.

We offer a range of security services for medical facilities, enabling you to minimise the risks coming from both internal and external sources. By installing intruder alarms, CCTV and access control you will have a highly-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with your premises.

CCTV for medical facilities

  • Prevent theft
  • Protect patients, visitors & staff
  • Monitor Ambulance activity
  • Monitor patients & improve check-in times

As a healthcare professional, you know how critical it is to ensure those in your care feel as safe as possible to aid recovery. CCTV is the ideal solution for the health sector. At Turner Security Group, we are fully-equipped to provide industry-leading CCTV cameras that are perfectly matched to your particular facility.

Access control

  • Restrict access to certain zones
  • Reduce theft
  • Minimise the spread of disease

By nature, medical facilities store confidential data, as well as, potentially harmful drugs and equipment. Unfortunately, this means the premises can be seen as a target, meaning it can be a challenge to keep the facilities secure.

Our access control systems will enable you to ensure only authorised personnel can access restricted zones of the facility. We have vast experience within the medical industry and have the expertise needed to assist you in designing a system that works seamlessly with the layout of your premises.

Intruder alarm systems

  • Protect staff, patients & visitors
  • Reduce theft
  • 24hr monitoring
  • Instant notification when alarm is triggered

Security within medical facilities is vital, whether it’s a private hospital or care home your premises needs to be fully protected. Not only do you need to create a safe working environment for your staff, but you have a duty of care to patients. Intruder alarms will enable you to keep the threat of unauthorised access to a minimum.

Turner Security Group’s fully integrated intruder detection technology is an optimum solution for protecting your premises 24hrs a day. Our intruder alarms are also constantly monitored to provide you with a secure environment and in the case that the alarm is triggered, you will be notified immediately.

Why choose Turner Security Group?

It is clear that security at medical facilities, including hospitals and surgeries is a serious issue. Health care providers should feel as though they are working within a safe environment and be able to provide medical care to patients without being at risk themselves.

Similarly, it is vital that patients feel safe and relaxed in order to aid recovery.

At the Turner Security Group, we provide an array of medical facility security features which can be integrated together to form a comprehensive system that keeps both staff and patients safe; from access control and CCTV to intruder alarms.

Our clients can rest assured in the knowledge that our health care security systems are fully accredited. We offer a free consultation where we will review your facility’s specific needs and requirements.

How can we help you?

Are you ready to protect your facility with industry-leading security? Please get in touch with us today to arrange your free consultation. Our medical facility security experts are ready and waiting to assess your needs and recommend a bespoke security system that fulfils your requirements.