Here at Turner Security, we take safety at work very seriously. Ever since our company was founded, we’ve ensured that we’re supporting homes and businesses by installing need-specific, budget friendly security systems.

We assist large and small businesses with the design, installation and monitoring of intruder alarms, access control and CCTV and promise to provide the most suitable and up to date security systems, keeping your business protected.

Get in touch with us right away for a free consultation on your projects, or read on for our top 6 business security tips to improve safety at work.

1. Install and monitor CCTV 

  • Better and better technology
  • Evidence of illegal events
  • A deterrent to criminals

We can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to install and monitor CCTV. Every situation is different and so we carry out a technical review before making recommendations to suit your specific circumstances.

With regular advances in design, systems are getting better and better. CCTV is crucial in supplying evidence of illegal events, but more importantly, it acts as a deterrent, making your business less likely to be a target for crime.

The camera systems use up to the minute IP technology allowing for the capture of fast movement and colour day or night. The equipment can be discreet or prominent according to your choice. Whether your business is large or small, our solutions will provide the benefit of crime deterrence and reduction and subsequent reduction in insurance costs.

We can locate cameras around your premises and the equipment needs very little maintenance. We will check on it and can provide maintenance packages if required.

2. Implement Access Control 

  • Control access and know whose in your premises
  • Choose from a range of identification methods

Why is this so important? Consider the value of keeping your business secure, or knowing who is inside and preventing critical events such as data breaches. We can help you to decide on and implement the best access control systems for your business.

Previously expensive identification techniques such as fingerprint or face recognition have now become both affordable and popular. Swipe and proximity cards continue to be widely used too. We are experts in providing advice on convenient secure access methods and bespoke systems.

As part of our services we can also help you integrate access, door automation, alarms and CCTV for a complete security system.

3. Door Automation 

It may seem like a small thing, but automatic doors can dramatically reduce heat loss, leading to savings on electricity bills and increased environmental efficiency. In addition, because the doors open and shut quickly, there is a reduction in the introduction of external air pollutants.

This type of door is ideal for health facilities or organisations where it is important for hygiene to minimise physical contact. We can complement your access control system with your automatic doors to give a secure entrance and exit for your building. Our doors come in a variety of attractive designs and finishes.

Once you have made your selection, we can install and help with the annual maintenance and testing of your automatic doors.

4. Intruder detection 

The main benefit of an intruder alarm is that it deters people from attempting to illegally enter your premises. Criminals who see an alarm are far less likely to target that location. Another benefit can be a reduction in insurance costs.

We advise on and provide a variety of intruder alarms including specific selections to suit your individual needs. As we have been operating for many years, we are experienced and committed to quality.

We can offer you a full package including design, installation, service and monitoring.

5. Turnstiles and Barriers 

Turnstiles and Barriers make it easy for staff and visitors to enter using swipe cards or fobs. They make it possible for you to check who enters and leaves, which is useful for HR, as well as, for safety. We can also supply integrated CCTV and intercom systems for remote operation. If you have busy times, the gates can be left open to ease any congestion.

We can supply turnstiles with various functionalities, e.g. blocking re-entry with the same card, or using biometric readers. There are many potential benefits to your business including managing and monitoring access, remote or manned management and the ability to restrict certain users.

6. Host staff training

As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and service, we provide training in consultation with your HR Lead. In addition, our security guidebooks for staff provide all of the information needed to ensure that your chosen systems are understood and used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The training is tailored to your individual requirements and the security systems you select. We consider training to be of the utmost importance if your organisation and staff are to get the full benefits of their installed systems..

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